Over the last decade, or more, the lifelines of the masses have been held hostage by, and subjected to, overly produced and repeatedly regurgitated music, which has waged war on the eardrum. 

Hiphop, once the voice of the streets, and the heart of the underground, has become a talentless form of pop music; while Rock n’ Roll, once partying hard along side sex and drugs, now seeks out safe rooms over danger zones.

The inhabitants of this arid world of factory, industrialized, streaming music must balance upon a razor blade between mediocrity and conformity. All the while, desiring for a dominant sound to emerge from the aggressive remnants of what once empowered life’s soundtrack: rugged hiphop, raging rock, and brutal metal! 

The time has now come to crush the generic normalcy of today’s decaying music scene.  

Enter, the Guillotines: an elite group of 3 musical mercenaries from the badlands of Florida. All called forth by the Gods and Muses to forge forth a caliber of sound - sharp and swift enough for urban warfare, yet heavy and indestructible enough for the battlefield. 

Crafted through raw sonic alchemy, the Guillotines break down precious heavy metals, while simultaneously pressurizing hardened rock elements, and infusing the liquid fire of molten hiphop; casting it together and encasing it all in the highest form of superior empirical rhyme force ever known.

The result, the most authoritative weapon of the Sound Wars, the Supreme Blade of the Guillotines. 

Chop! Chop! Chop! 


guillotines is:

furius supreme - VOCALS/EMCEE